Data For The People

Datum collects billions of nodes from hundreds of millions of people interacting in a mobile world. We organize and apply this data with precision, allowing our customers to solve their unique problems.


This data isn’t just ours, it is us. It is the fabric of our lives. It is our digital fingerprint being left as we engage the world.

We are taking data back. Distributing it to the masses and applying it to better the world we live in.

It’s time to disrupt this market and crack the “data piggy banks.”
Datum:  Better data = Better Audience = Better Returns = Better World

Meet the Team

Jennifer McEwan
Quantitative Dr. of Political Science. Veteran Lobbyist 20 years experience.

Jeremy Fair
Proclaimed Digital Ninja with 20 years marketing experience.

James Grace
General counsel and veteran lobbyist.

Travis Oliphant
Data Science Jedi and co-founder of Anaconda/Python.