Leveraging Digital Signals To Datum sorts billions of interactions every month to amass a data graph that is used by companies large and small to solve complex problems.

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Democratizing Big Data

At DATUM we’re leveling the digital playing field by putting powerful Fortune 500 marketing tools into the hands of small businesses, nonprofits and local governments.

Find Your People

Tell us your story and we will connect you with those who need to hear it: anyone, any place anytime.
Our innovative geo-targeting platform practices the highest digital security standards and always anonymizes your data.

We’re Here to Help

Our team of data and digital marketing experts will coordinate with you and your team to build, manage and optimize your campaign so you don’t have to. 
Our reporting dashboard and data visualizations help you improve your engagement and reach your goals efficiently.
You know who your customer is; we’re here to help you find them.
Build stronger communities by connecting with people on their mobile devices wherever they are.
We distill billions of anonymized data points to help you visualize your next big move.
All of our mobile data tells a story — let us help you tell yours.

Meet the Team

Jennifer McEwan
Quantitative Dr. of Political Science. Veteran Lobbyist 20 years experience.
Jeremy Fair
Proclaimed Digital Ninja with 20 years marketing experience.

James Grace
General counsel and veteran lobbyist.
Travis Oliphant
Data Science Jedi and co-founder of Anaconda/Python.