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What is DATUM?

Datum’s micro-targeted mobile technology reaches audiences at a household level without the need for IP addresses or cookies. We combine precise mobile device data with land survey data to ensure that we target audiences at the highest level of accuracy, serving mobile ads on any device, in any language.

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What We Do

Sort Geo-Location Data

Datum sorts through billions of digital interactions every month to amass a data graph that large and small organizations use to solve complex problems.

Cookie-Free Targeting

Datum’s mobile-first approach means we reach audiences with laser precision. No home internet? No problem. We use residential lot-level (land survey) data to find active mobile devices for your target audience.

Direct Mobile Advertising

We serve ads in multiple languages. Our team of data scientists and digital marketing experts will build, manage, and optimize your campaign so you do not have to.

Over 95% of Americans — across every demographic — use a smartphone to access the internet. Almost one third of Americans have no internet provider at home. As a result, digital audiences that rely on IP address immediately miss one out of every three people targeted.

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How We Do It

Each month we collect and sort 5 trillion bytes of data.
Organize & Analyze
Our proprietary algorithms and frequency models organize billions of nodes daily.
Datum targets users based on who they tell us they are, not who we think they are.
Wherever targets browse, we bid and deploy.
Harvest Data

Datum harvests mobile device IDs and other available information from hundreds of millions of mobile devices in the United States for its queriable data stack. Our data spans the entire United States with a two-year lookback window to give our targeting unprecedented accuracy.

Organize & Analyze

We sort for time, location and other fields and can analyze data at any level:

Target Audience

We use land survey data to ensure we are finding only active devices at the address of your audience. Every device entering our mobile platform has a unique ID — a profile for every person with a device connected to a network through their mobile applications, no matter where they live around the country.

Deploy Advertising

Datum deploys ads in thousands of apps and mobile websites. Once a device is targeted, we bid instantly on available ad inventory in any app or mobile website the user opens.

// Primary Verticals

Industries & Use Cases

From small businesses and non-profits to major corporations and political campaigns, diverse industries trust and rely on our data.

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